Canyoning Costa Rica
costa rica canyoning

Costa Rica, Maquique Adventure, and the COVID-19 Crisis:

As a country heavily dependent on tourism the coronavirus has had a big impact on all of Costa Rica. As a result we are currently operating under the proper protocols of the Ministry of Health in order to maintain a responsible and conscientious adventure course.

These measures include but are not limited to:
– Face masks whenever possible and under dry conditions.
– Ample distance between people when unable to wear a mask, with the standard 2 meters (6 feet) distance as per requirements of the COVID-19 guidelines.
– Individual mandatory gloves offered to clients and guides alike. These are to be worn throughout the tour.
– Hand washing and sanitizing stations are provided throughout. Our first aid kit along with these other sanitizing essentials, will be transported with us during the canyoning tour using a dry-bag.
– We also follow proper protocol before and after receiving clients, including but not limited to the after care of the gear and other miscellaneous endeavors. (Stay tuned to our blog to watch these protocols in action!)
+ Plastic face shields are an advisable complement to your face mask in this activity. As a company we support your efforts to take any and all safety measures afforded to you during your visit to Costa Rica.

Stay tuned to our upcoming blogs & social media accounts to learn more about us and see how we maintain a safe operation under these COVID-19 guidelines.

We intend to continue our harmonious pursuit of safety and adventure with the upmost care, so please keep us in mind for your next adventure!

If you have any questions feel free to email us. It will be our sincerest pleasure to help you.

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