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What is canyoning waterfall rappelling by Maquique Adventure?

It consists of a controlled descent using specialized rope, knots, and other gear used to travel the unique paths offered by Costa Rica’s natural mountains and cascades. You will be able to control your speed and even come to a full stop if need be, all thanks to our professional equipment.

I’ve never rappelled or gone canyoning before. Will this be a challenge for me?

Our trained team of expert canyoneers will be with you every step of the way to supervise and dissipate any potential qualms you may feel along the way. The tour itself is adaptable for any range of experience that you may have, meaning that the most arduous part of the experience will likely be the hike up the mountain – a requirement to get out of the canyon and back to civilization. Children and adults alike can enjoy this activity safely.
What if I’m not strong? I’m worried I will have to support my own weight. Fear not! The system we employ to rappel in the canyon uses specialized gear which will take care of all the strenuous activity you may have to do along the way – the only thing you have to worry about is how fast or slow you want to go. We’ll teach you how to do that part so that you can control your trajectory with ease, regardless of how little strength you may have.

How reliable is the rope? Can it hold my weight?

Our rope is specialized for this type of activity and could haul a car if necessary! In total, it can hold up to 26Kn (Kilonewtons), which is equivalent to 2,600 kilos (a little over 5,700lbs) – so don’t worry, our rope won’t have to strain too much to hold you up. Rest assured you will be safe because to top it off, we use two of these ropes for every descent. One of these ropes is controlled by the guide that receives you down below and the other is managed by the guide from above. (Watch our video if you’re unsure as to how this works)
Do I need to know how to swim? Not at all. It’s true that we have small pools which you can jump into, however most of them are avoidable – and the ones that are not (during rainy season) are shallow enough for us to pull you out due to our unique set-up. Our guides will always be in the water before you, to both show you how to jump safely and to pull you out if you’re nervous or inexperienced.

In what circumstances could a tour get cancelled? Excess rain?

Canyoning is oftentimes a wet activity (in our case, it certainly is!), so for this reason rain is not an issue. There are, however, some extenuating circumstances in which a heavy downpour or thunderstorm storm could signal a risk in our activity. The guides are well trained in this area as well, so if they need to make the call they will let you know and offer you a full refund or postpone the activity.

Will we receive instructions?

Yes, before the start of the tour the guides will take the time to instruct you and will gladly answer any lingering questions you may have afterwards. In fact, our attentive guides will be sure to coach you in the heat of the moment if they see it fit. This is because our goal is for you to have the nicest experience possible, and we can’t do that without proper safety and care.

What should we bring?

You’ll want flexible clothes to move freely and closed toed shoes or Chaco/Keen sandals. That is, we cannot accept flip flops – no exceptions. Keep in mind that you will get wet so dri-fit clothes are ideal. You will also want to avoid anything that sticks heavily to your skin when soaked so that your movement is not limited. Please bring a spare change of clothes for after the tour so that you can change into a dry outfit before the drive back. If you have should-length hair or longer please bring a hair tie for safety, and if you don’t have one let us know so we can bring one for you.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us via text or our online chat. We are more than happy to help!

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