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Canyoning & Waterfall Rappelling Experience nature like never before Costa Rica’s best canyoning tour, An unforgettable experience, Fortuna Arenal

Minimum Age 7 year old

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Costa Rica

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Canyoning with Maquique Adventure – A Unique Costa Rican Adventure

Maquique Adventure offers 5 rappels (3 of which descend through waterfalls) and one short zip line. Along the way you will take a light hike, interrupted only by the aforementioned feats. The hike itself follows a beautiful creek called Cacao, which is located right in-between two lush mountains. The descents will also give you the opportunity to experience waterfalls like never before, letting you come into close contact with the cascades. You’ll be able to see, feel, and even smell the trickling mountainsides as you use their stability to make your way through our circuit. No experience is necessary to feel this type of adrenaline rush as our guides will be with you to ensure your safety and fun. At the end there is a 15 minute hike back in order to exit the canyon. Once back at our facilities you’ll be able to change into your dry clothes before sitting down to enjoy our complimentary lunch

Maquique Adventure Canyoning Highlights

⦿ 5 Rappels, 3 of which descend through waterfalls.
⦿ Unique rappels with ascending difficulties, providing a more balanced adrenaline experience.
⦿ A zip line surrounded by lush natural rainforest.
⦿ Experienced, patient, and friendly bilingual tour guides.
⦿ A single guided rappel offered halfway through the tour provides a sense of relief for the inexperienced client and an adrenaline rush for the experienced rappeller.
⦿ A 55 meter waterfall marks the finish line for the final descent of this tour.

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