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Costa Rica Canyoning

About us

Maquique adventure canyoning is a Costa Rica

company that is passionate about adventure and committed to the people and the environment. We care about offering and giving the best of ourselves in every moment shared with our team and all those adventurers who like to accompany us in this sport that has come to be known over time as is the canyoning. transmit the desire and adrenaline sensation entering with us in one of the wonderful corners of our country Costa Rica enjoying the most unique expeditions in places without natural alterations and little visited so far, accompanied by the incredible people who live in them. We transform our visitors into narrators of their own history through a unique adventure in the bowels of the Earth. We have many requests from visitors who want to experience and live new things to be able to take part of our treasures in their memories and that is what Maquique Adventure Costa Rica wants to offer you.

costa rica canyoning


Our mission is to share this unique experience with other adventurers of the world, safely and responsibly, always considering the importance of nature and the care of it.


It is getting to make a company with the best staff, equipment and provide quality to our visitors always, and not lose human quality and LEAVE A FOOTPRINT AS THE BEST COMPANY.


Jairo Lacayo


CEO & Founder,

Canyoning Waterfall Rappeling

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